Snowboard Clothing

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Snowboard clothing

Some people take clothes for granted and think they are there just to cover up our modesty, but snowboarders like us understand how necessary they are when we are ridin' the gnar. When I first began snowboarding, I thought that any old clothing would do – oh how wrong I was! Once I'd discovered what Ski & Trek had to offer and spoke to a member of the team about the benefits of buying a decent snowboarding jacket and pair of pants, my snowboarding experience vastly improved. I thought I was going to resemble the Michelin man when my jacket, fleece and trousers were delivered, and worse, I thought they would prevent me from pulling off my favourite trick, the flying squirrel air. However, the Ski & Trek guys, like Protest, Columbia and Trespass, which create the snowboarding garb, definitely know what they're talking about it.

Before carefully considering my snowboarding clothing, I've never felt so warm, comfortable and free to move around while on the slopes.

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