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Snowboarding Goggles +

Hitting the slopes is no fun if you're injured, so I always make sure I wear the best quality protective gear. Ski & Trek has everything I need to stay safe while shreddin' the gnar, meaning I can concentrate on showing off my skills. 

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Set Descending Direction

Before I set off on my first snowboard run I made sure I had my aviator sunglasses on so I looked (or so I thought) like the coolest boarder ever. As I picked up speed on the slopes, the wind knocked them off my face and they were lost forever in the snow. It was that moment when I realised I needed a pair of snowboarding goggles. In my search, I stumbled upon snowboard gear providers, Ski & Trek, and spoke to a member of the team - a fellow boarder. They explained the multiple benefits of a top notch pair of goggles, including UV protection, anti-fog technology and a comfortable strap and face mask.

On my next trip I'd forgotten all about my lost aviators as donning a pair of snowboarding goggles made me feel like a true boarder, while keeping the sun, wind and snow out of my eyes.